August 29, 2017

Washington - The Coalition for 21st Century Patent Reform released the following statement regarding President Donald Trump's intent to nominate Andrei Iancu to be the next Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

The Coalition for 21st Century Patent Reform congratulates Mr. Iancu on his pending nomination. We are pleased that President Trump has taken this step to fill a position that is so critical to American innovation and global competitiveness.

21C believes that the most effective way to strengthen our economy and create new jobs is to continue America's leadership in invention and innovation. Our patent system promotes the development of new technologies that spur growth and create jobs across the country. Creating and maintaining an efficient and effective patent system, based on the issuance of timely, high quality and reliably enforceable patent rights, is essential to summon the creative genius of independent inventors, start-ups, universities and corporations to invent, develop, and commercialize new products that benefit society.

Now, more than ever, it is essential to address the challenges our patent ecosystem faces in a balanced fashion that protects the interests of the creators of new technological innovations. We look forward to learning more about Mr. Iancu's views on how to restore such balance to the patent system and on management of the USPTO.

With the magnitude of issues facing the USPTO and our nation's patent system, the Coalition urges the Senate to promptly consider Mr. Iancu's nomination.